The Risks of Buying Cheap UPC Barcodes Online

Are you thinking of buying cheap UPC codes for your product? You may want to think again. Low-quality UPC codes can put your business at risk. Many companies offer these codes for sale without doing any background checks or verifying the authenticity of the source from which they obtain them. This means that when you purchase these lower-cost codes, there is no guarantee that they are legitimate. Let’s go through some of the risks of buying cheap UPC barcodes online so you can make your decision.


You Could Be Scammed Outright

When you buy a UPC barcode from an online seller, there’s always the risk that it might be a scam. There are many dishonest sellers out there who will sell you fake or invalid barcodes. If you end up with a fake or invalid barcode, you’ll be out of the money you paid for it and without a product you can actually use. Scammers know that barcodes are always in high demand, and they use low prices to lure potential victims in.


The Barcode May Not Work

Even if you do manage to get a real UPC barcode from an online seller, there’s no guarantee that it will be valid for reuse. The barcode might have been used before, or it might not be properly registered with the GS1. Even if you get a legitimate barcode, plenty of retailers won’t accept a product with a reused barcode, making the barcode pointless from the get-go.


You May Not Get What You Paid For

One of the dangers of buying cheap UPC barcodes online is that you usually don’t know what you’re actually going to get. The seller might not accurately describe the condition of the barcode, or they might not include all the necessary information (such as the product’s GTIN-13 number). As a result, you likely won’t end up with what you were expecting to get.

Buying discount UPC codes from an online seller is a risky endeavor. To play it safe, always purchase UPC codes from a reputable source like to ensure their authenticity. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing money on fake or invalid barcodes. You can rest assured knowing that your products are properly labeled for accurate scanning at any online retailer or marketplace.


– Erik Quisling

Erik Quisling is the Founder and CEO of Started in 1999, has been featured in both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and has helped more than 100,000 businesses bring their products to market with barcodes.
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