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Over the past two decades, Amazon has grown into the largest seller of goods the world has ever seen. Understandably, throughout the years, tracking the enormous volume they process every day has forced their inventory management system to evolve in several ways.

Fundamentally, Amazon’s system of tracking inventory is still barcode-based. Depending on wherever you are in the world and what type of product you are selling on Amazon, they will require either a UPC barcode, an EAN barcode, or an ISBN barcode.

GS1 Compliant Amazon Barcodes

Since Amazon’s inception, they have relied primarily on UPC barcodes for tracking inventory. And this has NOT changed. However, Amazon has become much more strict on making sure the customers tagging their products with barcodes are legit and not made up out of thin air.

Since 1971, all barcodes used in the retail world need to have originated from the same source - a place called the GS1 barcode. Thus, we got the best idea of which barcodes are used in the past and which ones are still available. It is also the easiest way to bring order to the chaos of inventory management.

Thus, as of 2020, Amazon requires that all barcodes and products uploaded in their system can show a direct connection to the GS1 database. They verify this connection by first searching the GS1 database (called GS1 US Data Hub) to see if the brand name and product listed can be found. If everything matches, then the listing process can proceed. If the names do not match, then Amazon requires copies of the GS1 certificate and a signed Letter of Affiliation from the company listed in the GS1 database. If neither of these conditions can be satisfied, the product listing process is halted by Amazon immediately, and the vendor is forced to get new barcodes for their products.

Unfortunately, 99% of all the companies who sell cheap UPC barcodes will not work on Amazon.

Need UPC Codes for Amazon?

The obvious answer is GS1. However, they are too expensive, and their process very slow. Fortunately, there are two other alternatives where you can purchase barcodes for Amazon that will satisfy all of Amazon’s requirements: These are and their partner Both companies sell GS1-registered barcodes and can provide you with ALL Amazon required forms of documentation – the GS1 certificate and Letter of Affiliation. Most importantly, they can list your brand and product directly into the GS1 database (GS1 US Data Hub). No other seller of barcodes can do this.

Therefore, if you need to buy UPC barcodes for Amazon, we highly recommend going to either or Mainly because they are dramatically cheaper than GS1, you can purchase barcodes in the exact quantity you need, and you receive the barcodes back within a few seconds of making your purchase.

So, there you go. In a nutshell, that is the situation with Amazon about their new barcode policy. If you have more questions, we recommend calling at (888) 446-2633 or at (858) 519-7771.


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