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Do you plan to sell your products in Ebay?

Before you sell your products in Ebay, it is important to purchase product identifiers. These identifiers are codes uniquely found on labels or barcodes, mainly used in the retail space to track and manage stock/inventory. In Ebay's case, they use these item brands - Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN), and our specialty here at Buy a Barcode, Universal Product Codes (UPCs) to name a few.

You need UPC barcodes for Ebay due to the changes implemented on February 29, 2016. This change requires sellers to include Product Identifiers for new and refurbished items in certain categories. Items with these missing product identifiers will not be renewed by Ebay when they expire.


The advantages of UPC codes on Ebay

It is vital to have these Product Identifiers to make it easier for buyers interested in the product to be able to find what they are looking for in these specific categories. Using our UPC barcodes for Ebay has many advantages as well including:


- Helping improve ranking in popular search engines

- Benefit of creating deals and promotions more often

- More accurate pricing when listing

- Finding out if your listings are priced lower than the trending price

- Make listing information and item specifications more searchable by automatically matching your items with products in Ebay's catalog

So if you are in need of UPC barcodes for an online merchant such as Ebay, you’ve come to the right place! The barcode you purchase from Buy a Barcode originates from GS1 and is guaranteed to be unique. You are the only person in the world who can legally use that barcode number. Also, your barcodes will never expire. Once the barcodes are issued to you, they will never be issued to anyone else and they are yours for life.

A big plus is that all of our barcode fees are one-time only and you never have to pay any renewal fees or future fees of any kind, because we joined GS1/U.C.C. in 1999, before they started charging renewal fees (August, 2002), meaning we don’t have to pay renewal fees. Therefore, you don’t have to pay renewal fees!


Figuring How Many UPC Barcodes You Need for Ebay


So you're about to pull the trigger on getting UPC barcodes for Ebay. Don't know how many you'll need for your Ebay listings? We'll explain it like this. For example, if you sell a t-shirt that comes in one color and 3 different sizes you would need to buy 3 barcodes. If the t-shirt comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors you would need 6 barcodes. This way, if one of the sizes is selling faster than the others, Ebay will be able to tell instantly which one needs to be replenished without having to do a manual count. This same formula applies for all styles, colors, flavors, sizes or any other variation of your product. They all need their own unique barcode.


What Steps to Take Next


Conveniently, you just have to scroll up to the top and purchase our UPC barcodes. With our trusted service at Buy a Barcode, you can expect to receive the barcodes instantaneously. Recommended by both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, is the most trusted source to buy legitimate UPC Barcodes. is also proud to be the main referral choice of barcodes for Ebay. If you still have some questions about barcodes or simply want to know more about the applications of our UPC barcodes, please see my other blogs on this subject, or feel free to call 888.446.2633.


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