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How to Get UPC Barcodes for Your Products

Universal product codes -- UPCs -- are the 12-digit numbers that appear under the barcodes on many U.S. products. They are given out by GS1 US, a nonprofit group that sets standards for international commerce. Here's how it works: Businesses pay to join GS1 US, and in exchange, it assigns each member its own identification number that appears as the first part of its UPC....

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How Do I... Get a UPC Bar Code?

Small businesses seeking to sell their wares through larger retailers for resale will most likely need a Universal Product Code -- that ubiquitous black and white striped identification tag appearing on products ranging from soda cans, tags on stuffed animals or boxes containing electronics. The identification numbers allow a retailer to easily track sales of a produ...

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How The Barcode Registry detects counterfeit products using object detection and Amazon SageMaker

This is a guest post authored by Andrew Masek, Software Engineer at The Barcode Registry and Erik Quisling, CEO of The Barcode Registry. Product counterfeiting is the single largest criminal enterprise in the world. Growing over 10,000% in the last two decades, sales of counterfeit goods now total $1.7 trillion per year worldwide, which is more than drugs and human trafficking...

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