SOLINLAB CBD Sport Effervescent Tablets (10) Orange Flavour

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SolinLab’s Effervescent Multivitamin CBD Hemp Tablets are portable, easy to consume and have a sweet and refreshing burst of fruit flavours. SOLINLAB has achieved extremely rapid efficacy with its new product, SolinLab CBD Hemp Effervescent Tablets. Unlike all current CBD products SolinLab CBD Hemp Effervescent Tablets are bio-enhanced, providing unprecedented speed regarding efficacy. The 99.96% purity remains the standard strength in product manufacturing. Normally as much as 40 percent of today’s CBD products available for human consumption never reach the blood stream. The body’s Cytochrome P450 enzyme system destroys it before it can be absorbed into the blood stream. The new bio-enhanced formulation slows down the destruction by the enzyme system, allowing more CBD to pass through the stomach lining directly into the blood stream. The result is penetration of the blood brain barrier in a matter of minutes. SolinLab CBD Effervescent is a nano particle for delivery of Pharma Grade Quality CBD (99.96% purity) in refreshing flavors. Each tablet contains a dose of 20mg CBD per tablet and there are 10 tablets per tube. The CBD is accurately measured so consumers know the exact dosage they are consuming with each tablet. They are easy to digest to ensure optimal absorption of all of the nutrients. Add an exciting fizz to your daily routine and get the added benefit of vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a healthy dose of CBD.

– Solin Naturals LLC

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